Vulcain – The 50S Presidents’ « The Vulcain » – Enamel, a tradition

Remaining faithful to its history, the Le Locle-based Manufacture has added a new model to its «Métier d’Art» collection which celebrates the age-old specialist art of cloisonné enamel. This difficult technique, which requires patience and attention to detail, brings exceptional precision to the design, as well as unique and long-lasting colour rendering.

The mythological theme of this new model represents both the manufacture’s heritage and the underlying principles that guide it: industry, finesse and expertise.


The legendary talented craftsman with an unrivalled genius for manufacturing complex items, famed for their indestructibility, Vulcan (known as Vulcain in French, and Hephaestus in Greek mythology) is the god of fire, metal and smithery.

He was the most hard-working and industrious of all those dwelling in Olympus. He worked for the other Gods, providing them with weapons, jewellery and other divine objects, which only he had the skill to produce.

All the works forged for the Gods, such as Poseidon’s trident, Artemis’ and Apollo’s arrows, Achille’s and Aeneus’ weapons, Hermione’s necklace, Ariadne’s crown and Jupiter’s thunderbolts, can be attributed to him. Vulcan’s symbols are a hammer and anvil.

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