Swiss Blue Dial Replica Omega Seamaster Goodplanet 600M For Sale

Omega drew the inspiration from the glorious tradition, created the fake Omega Seamaster GoodPlanet 600M watches, this replica Omega is a innovation to GoodPlanet foundation and its efforts to protect earth’s environment and Marine ecosystem making salute the special work. From 1932, developping the world’s first truly professional diving watches, to sponsor the environmental protection film, more than eighty years, the deep roots of Omega and ocean has become a brand trademark.

blue dial copy Omega Seamaster Goodplanet

The orange GMT hand fake Omega Seamaster GoodPlanet 600M watches adpted the eye-catching bright blue paint dial. Arch polishing rhodium plated clockwise and the second hand and aluminum GMT pointer all have white luminous coating, and emited the blue glow in the dark environment.

stainless steel bracelet fake Omega Seamaster Goodplanet

Bright orange GMT calibration on the bezel and the GMT the pointer on the dial can clearly indicate two different time zones, and also to those who travel a lot and love oceans, lakes and rivers, beautiful scenery, the blue bezel replica Omega is ideal for them.