Rolex And Omega Replica Watches Unexpectedly “Hit The Face”

Rolex and OMEGA are a pair of “old enemy”, and both sides of the famous watches give tit for tat. Rolex has Submariner while Omega has Seamaster; Rolex has Daytona, while Omega has Speedmaster; Rolex has Datejust, while Omega has Constellation. Sometimes watch fans are hard to make a decision between two brands. Until one day, the two copy watches with self-winding movements unexpectedly hit the face.

The thing is, historically, since Rolex and OMEGA had ordered the dials from the same enamel artist, the Rolex and OMEGA watches hit the face. The enamel artist painted the same designs for both OMEGA and Rolex. Coincidentally, the same pattern of Rolex enamel watch and OMEGA enamel watch were auctioned at the auction house. The same pattern, different brands, result in entirely different. Omega Enamel replica watches for sale are lower.

The designs for both watches are from the hands of the enamel artist Nelly Richard (sold by Stern). Two watch dials are painted with enamel filigree pattern which were taken from Greek mythology.

Black Crocodile Straps Omega Enamel Replica

The two watches were auctioned at different auction companies. Rolex was sold in Richart while Omega was sold in antiquarum. The price of golden cases Rolex Enamel fake watches is higher than Omega which again prove the strength of brand even they have the same dials. Nowadays they have been collected by senior fans. You will not see them in the market.

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