Jaeger-LeCoultre – Atmos Marqueterie Céleste

An expression of time based on a remarkable understated concept distinguished by the new replica watches uk absence of manual winding, electricity or any other form of external innovation, the Atmos clock by Jaeger-LeCoultre is continually bursting with creative energy. A tribute to astronomy, the colourful new creation from the Grande Maison, the Atmos Marqueterie Céleste, springs a spectacular surprise with its mononchrome straw marquetry cloak in a deep blue reminiscent of the night sky. Part contemporary sculpture and part embodiment of horological inventiveness, it nurtures the silent legend of the extraordinary clock in the form of an objet d’art that appears to have literally dropped from heaven to earth.

Like the shades of night that gradually invade the sky and reveal its mysterious nature, the Atmos Marqueterie Céleste invites exploration at a gentle, sedate pace. Its silhouette resembles that of a comet harbouring the secrets of the universe. After the first moments of silent contemplation, the panels of the cabinet slowly open and the magic spell grows even stronger. The dial appears, clothed in iridescent mother-of-pearl like a white moon with its soft peaks and valleys. The moon phase sets the crowning touch in the tribute paid to astronomy by the Atmos Marqueterie Céleste from Jaeger-LeCoultre. The lapis lazuli sky on the disc appears to hum with the vibrations of the rock whose Persian name means ‘azure’. This stone among stones was regarded by ancient civilisations as a divine gift and worshiped as such. As the days go by, the moon peeks out, demurely at first before revealing itself in all its splendour, glowing with a plenitude that instils a sense of wonderment.

Architecture propitious to a journey

The Atmos Marqueterie Céleste is all about shape: that of the wooden cabinet, which opens to unveil the impressive horological mechanism within. This pyramid-shaped structure features an arrestingly statuesque delicacy. Its randomly protruding, soft edges gently sculpt our imagination, evoking the facets of a gem, or ice. The form of the crystal recalls that of a meteorite straight out of space and shaped by its entry into the cheap replica watches uk atmosphere. The gaze caresses the delightfully ridged contours of the cabinet, travelling on a highly personal journey across a strangely sensual landscape of ridges and hollows.

Straw in the spotlight

The Atmos Marqueterie Céleste is also about an unusual material, straw, which belongs to a proud artistic tradition. Straw marquetry became popular in the 17th century and enjoyed its heyday a century later, followed by a lengthy eclipse that lasted until various prestigious Art Deco interior designers restored its noble pedigree. They used it to adorn furniture, walls and even, on a grand scale, the luxurious salons of transatlantic ocean-liners, such as those of the Normandie.

This traditional technique requires as much patience today as in yesteryear, as well as knowledge and respect for the material used. Crafted by the artisans of Maonia, a small Parisian art marquetry atelier, the best Panerai replica watches straw is dried, dyed, and then slit and flattened. On the Atmos Marqueterie Céleste, each wisp is individually cut out and glued so as to entirely cover the wooden panels. The architecture of the cabinet with its complete absence of flat surfaces provides an ideal field of expression in which to showcase the luminous nature of the straw. To ensure optimal light refraction, the fibre must be ideally positioned so as to create the desired overall final effect. There is no room for improvisation.

Glowing with a deep blue that hints at infinity, the straw marquetry literally takes over the three-dimensional structure of the clock and suffuses it with a soft yet vibrant radiance. This extremely subtle monochrome-based work ensures that all those who contemplate the object will experience the countless variations of the marquetry, as it changes constantly throughout the day and according to the lighting.

The grace of mother-of-pearl, the intensity of lapis lazuli The adventure of the Atmos Marqueterie Céleste would not be complete without a special tribute to astronomy, in the form of a seductive celestial complication. The layout of the clock, with its airy dials and finely balanced movement, gives pride of place at 6 o’clock to a generous moon phase. Appearing on a lapis lazuli disc graced with shimmering reflections echoing the shade of the tinted straw, somewhere between overseas and indigo blue, the replica watches uk online moon phase is surrounded by fluffy fair-weather clouds. A series of Tahitian mother-of-pearl appliques set on these mother-of-pearl puffs form a constellation of sparkling stars.

The sense of visual harmony continues on the white mother-of-pearl marquetry dial, as well as the applied hour-markers, also in Tahitian mother-of pearl. This is a beauty devoid of any artifice, but instead characterised by a firm mastery of materials, a clever play on textures, and a wealth of subtle colour nuances. Everything is governed by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ever-present concern with ensuring pleasantly readable displays.

Aestheticism and invention beating in unison

There is no pointless abundance of technical or aesthetic details here, but instead a pervasive sense of balanced proportions and clear intentions. However complex is its true nature, the concept of the Atmos clock remains an endless source of fascination. Thermal variations supply the energy required to run it, by means of a hermetic capsule containing a gaseous mixture that dilates when the temperature rises and contracts when it drops. Metaphorically speaking, one might compare the capsule to a mechanical lung that breathes in and out to wind the barrel in step with fluctuations in temperature. A variation of a single degree’s Celsius provides a 48-hour power reserve. Futuristic to the core since the time of its invention, the Atmos clock was also a pioneer in terms of its sparing mode of operation. Its annular balance requires 250 times less energy than a standard wrist Rolex replica watches store, and it would take 60 million Atmos clocks to equal the consumption of a 15-watt electric bulb. An environment-friendly mechanism from a time well before the term was first coined.

The moon phase of the Atmos Marqueterie Céleste is designed to remain accurate for 3,861 years. An awe-inspiring number to muse on when contemplating this generous creation exuding a mingled sense of serenity and timelessness.

This new Atmos is an integral part of an exclusive approach to the Grande Maison. At the heart of the Vallée de Joux, amid the inspired atmosphere of the Manufacture, more than 180 skills are united under one roof. Whether artisans or designers, all have undertaken the same learning process inherent to Jaeger-LeCoultre, and which consists in working in harmony to harness the best of each respective talent. The overriding purpose is to spark astonishment and a sense of kinship with those who discover each new creation, precisely like the one represented by the Atmos Marqueterie Céleste.