Activities Paying Tribute To Senior Fans Of Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

2017 is actually the 60 anniversary of Speedmaster series. So in order to remember this moment, Omega holds a great activity to pay tribute to the senior fans of this series. You can know the delicate details from the online website. Welcome to talk with us.

As we all know, The astronauts, explorers and drivers always are favored by exquisite Omega Speedmaster replica watches, then those legendary stories have been widely circulated. Later in order to be close to these fans, Omega invited part of them to shot a group of portraits for them. From the actor to cook, from athletes to fashion Master, although they have a distinct identity and life, but they have a common point: that is love for the OMEGA Speedmaster watch.

Black Dials Omega Speedmaster Replica

They choose to wear their favorite Speedmaster copy watches with self-winding movements to attend this picture. For them, Speedmaster watches are not only worn in the wrist, but also they are the deep love of their minds.

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